Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb/1.5 + Win2k/SP4
Author Daniel Rail

At March 4, 2004, 14:49, JHCue@... wrote:

> Lester
> I can report I have been using Events in an application using BCB6 + IBX
> without problems. (about to port to BCB6 + (IBO or FIB+))
> Currently I have about 100 licenses sold of my application without problems
> on field regarding events. All of them using FB 1.5 embedded version. :)
> Of course I am using events for non-critical tasks only. :)
> My development machine is a Pentium III + W2K + SP4 and my clients have any
> sort of machines from WNT, W2K and WXP.

The problem with the events that Lester is referring to is related to
using the TCP/IP protocol.

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