Subject Known Bugs
Author jrodenhi
A while back, I asked about FIRST/SKIP in a subselect and found out
that it is a known bug in Firebird.

Is there a listing of known bugs in Firebird 1.5? It's such a
dynamite engine that I expect that it will do everything it says it
will do and it would be better not to get caught by something that
doesn't work yet.

Also, I'm a little curious about the different flavors of SQL in
Firebird. There seems to be SQL, PSQL, sometimes DSQL and sometimes
ISQL. Why not just one version? I really like Firebird, but I wonder
why I can't DECLARE a variable in a script. Or better, use the
terrific FOR SELECT INTO DO syntax in a script I type into the
Interactive SQL window in IBOConsole. I use MS SQL Server a lot and I
don't notice the same limitations.

I am not complaining. I am just curious.