Subject Re: FB 1.5 Crash
Author precari0
Hi Daniel,

> I'm assuming you are using Firebrid Superserver!

Indeed. Sorry for not mentioning it before.

> >> Do you know what is the amount of available RAM when
> > the error occurs?
> >> Or, what is the amount of available RAM after startup
> > and after a few hours of running your application?
> > I will monitor that one and post the findings ASAP.
> It will be most helpful to see how much memory FB has at its
> disposable.

Ok. I already started monitoring that one too.

> >> Do you have an idea what the server was doing when the error is
> >> logged?
> > No.
> > Our system runs 24x7, with about 70 db connections during
> > the day and 5 during the night. The error only happens
> > during the day.
> > Also, I can´t reproduce it in our lab. I´ve run it for
> > about a week with 6 connections and it was perfect.
> > May it be related to higher server loads?
> You probably would have to test it for a week with 70 db
> in your lab.

I can't. This system runs along with telephony hardware.
There is no way I can simulate 70 connections in our lab.

> And, you might have to consider using FB Classic Server
> and add more RAM(at least to bring it to 1GB, I don't know if FB CS
> needs more when serving 70 db connections).

The server in question is our customer's.
It'll take ages for me to convince them to stuff
more memory into it. Believe me, I've tried. :)
As I can't just turn the system off, I'll try
installing Classic next time it crashes and see
what happens. I'll post the results, of course.

Thanks Daniel,