Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBAK with Embedded?
Author Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
Tim Meneely wrote:

>Well: I've got an embedded program which is working well with FB1.5 final.
>Since embedded doesn't come with GBAK (which should, perhaps, be a clue?) I
>copied GBAK from the non-embedded Windows package. Then from the DOS prompt
>I type "GBAK -B MYDB.FDB MYDB.FBK" and I get back "Unavailable database."

Should work if you try sth. like

gbak -b -v c:\whereyourdatalies\bvmp.fdb c:\whereyourbackupgoes\bvmp.fbk
-user SYSDBA -password foobar

BTW. I'm using my own build from


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