Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBAK with Embedded?
Author Tim Meneely
Thanks for your patient help. I've got it working:
- One needs to rename fbembed.dll to fbclient.dll. (My app currently uses
gds32.dll, and I'd guessed that wouldn't work, but it didn't occur to me to
rename the dll to yet something else. Obvious, now that I think about it.)
- One needs to supply a username (SYSDBA) and password. The password can be
anything, but it must be supplied.

Thanks again,

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 9:34 am, Frank Schlottmann-Goedde wrote:
> Tim Meneely wrote:
> >Well: I've got an embedded program which is working well with FB1.5 final.
> >Since embedded doesn't come with GBAK (which should, perhaps, be a clue?)
> > I copied GBAK from the non-embedded Windows package. Then from the DOS
> > prompt I type "GBAK -B MYDB.FDB MYDB.FBK" and I get back "Unavailable
> > database."
> Should work if you try sth. like
> gbak -b -v c:\whereyourdatalies\bvmp.fdb c:\whereyourbackupgoes\bvmp.fbk
> -user SYSDBA -password foobar
> BTW. I'm using my own build from
> Frank