Subject FB 1.5 Crash
Author precari0

I had the same problem while testing
RC7, then decided to wait for the final release.
Now I got 1.5 Final and the problem persists.
Firebird.log says:
"server terminated abnormally (4294967295)"
With FB 1.5 Final (W2K Pro SP2 - SP4).

This error shows up randomly about two or three
times a week.
Please, what can I do to help you help me? :)
Install and run a debug version? Where do I find one?
Any info I'm missing?
Any known issues?
Any tests I could do?

Thanks in advance,

Douglas Heron Tosi
Coordenador de Desenvolvimento
PCNET Informática ltda
CTVoicer Computer Telephony ltda
"douglas" em "pcnet" . "inf" . "br"
(aka Dog)

PS: Just the other day I sent a message from yahoo's web interface. I
cannot view the message on news.atkin. Is it normal? Thanks again.