Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 Crash
Author Daniel Rail

At March 2, 2004, 16:31, precari0 wrote:

> Hello,

> I had the same problem while testing
> RC7, then decided to wait for the final release.
> Now I got 1.5 Final and the problem persists.
> Firebird.log says:
> "server terminated abnormally (4294967295)"
> With FB 1.5 Final (W2K Pro SP2 - SP4).

> This error shows up randomly about two or three
> times a week.
> Please, what can I do to help you help me? :)
> Install and run a debug version? Where do I find one?
> Any info I'm missing?
> Any known issues?
> Any tests I could do?

What is the hardware configuration of your system?
How much space is available on the harddrive where the temp files are
Do you know what is the amount of available RAM when the error occurs?
Or, what is the amount of available RAM after startup and after a few
hours of running your application?
Do you have an idea what the server was doing when the error is
Is there a corresponding entry in the Windows events log?

The reason why I'm asking these questions is that I'm using Win2000
Pro SP4 without any problems, and my customers never reported any
problems either(FB 1.5 RC5 up to Official Release).

Best regards,
Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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