Subject Re: FB 1.5 Crash
Author precari0
Hi Daniel,

--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>

> What is the hardware configuration of your system?

P4 2MHz, 512MB DDR, One 73GB SCSI disk.
DB page size is 8KB with 8192 buffers.

> How much space is available on the harddrive
> where the temp files are located?

About 60GB. :)

> Do you know what is the amount of available RAM when
the error occurs?
> Or, what is the amount of available RAM after startup
and after a few hours of running your application?

I will monitor that one and post the findings ASAP.

> Do you have an idea what the server was doing when the error is
> logged?

Our system runs 24x7, with about 70 db connections during
the day and 5 during the night. The error only happens
during the day.
Also, I can´t reproduce it in our lab. I´ve run it for
about a week with 6 connections and it was perfect.
May it be related to higher server loads?

> Is there a corresponding entry in the Windows events log?

No. Nothing. Only firebird.log.