Subject Connected user
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

With version 1.5.1 of the Firebird database I have several times seen
a database which says there are connected users eventhough i know FOR
SURE that there is only me connected (as SYSDBA).

This has never happen with firebird 1.5.0.

Here we have to servers (among others) which runs firebird.
One is running 1.5.0 the other 1.5.1.
The one with 1.5.0 has never reported connected users (besides
myself), when noone is connected to the server.

The other has done this a few times the past few weeks.

First I just told med colleques, that they were wrong !
Firebird wouldn't report this, unless a user actually was connected !

Never the less today I choose to shut down all machines in the house,
and still there was 1 connected user !

To night I'll downgrade FB to version 1.5.0 to see if the problem goes

Anyway -

Has anyone experienced this ?

Or - Can I tell firebird to "disconnect" a user ?