Subject Re: Getting started with Firebird....
Author parsman101
I've manage to access the preinstalled database "employee" and also
create my own database to mess around with using IBadmin,
DbVisualizer-4.1.1, and FBRobin....
The prob I had was figuring out the the new DB "filename path": e.g.


did the trick....

Also manage to register the DB with coldfusion downloading the Java


--- In, "parsman101" <mjakda@h...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a Coldfusion developer by trade and just came over Firebird and
> have being unsuccesfully trying to get FB working. I've tried it at
> work on XP pro, and at home on Win 2000. I install the super erver
> mode installation option as a service and the Applet that comes with
> it indicateds that FB is running. On page 9 of the Quick start guide,
> it talks about the SYDBA and changing the default settings. Where
> would the "tool" be to change the settings?. Which DB (free) admin
> tool would be recommended for a novice?
> Another thing when I click on the file fbmgrcpa in the system32 folder
> I get the message the FB is not installed on my machine?
> Help please!
> Ta.
> Pars.