Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: GBak. Memory use
Author Leyne, Sean

> Here it cunsumes ALL available RAM and the speed drops dramatically !
> Last night i took me almost 120 minuttes to restore.
> This morning I try the exact same on my labtop.
> I did the same restore from the same backup file.
> It took 23 minuttes on my labtop. And the amount of available memory
> was never below 250 Mb.
> I really annoys me, that it is so slow doing a restore.
> As I see it, the conditions are the same, except that the server
> should be much faster than my labtop when doing a restore.
> Just for the fun of it, I tried to do the same restore on a new server
> we have just installed here. This server runs Windows 2003 on a
> ordinary IDE drive. Also here it consumed all available memory.
> Is this just something that happens to me ?
> If it is, I must be doing something wrong !

First, I suspect that you are running in a basic problem of the write
I/O performance for a RAID configuration. It is ALWAYS slower than IDE.
RAID 5 is optimized for read performance, not write. Writing requires
that the data be written to multiple drives. As I indicated in my last
posting, this performance hit is even worse for RAID controller without
battery backup cache.

Second, review the FBConfig MaxSortMemory (?) setting, you should make
it larger (512 MB for a dedicated server)