Subject Re: GBak. Memory use
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> I think Win2003 and WinXP are doing a System-Restore on .gdb files.
> Do you use .gdb files or are you using a different extension?
> Check, if your System-Backup is running.
> And what about HT? Did you turn it off?

HT has been disabled on the servers that has this feature.
System restore where available has been disable, except on my labtop.
A Windows 2000 server does not has this feature.

The files in my exampel are named .GDB.
But I have tried using .FDB instead. Same problem.

Labtop is fast. Server is slow .
Before starting rutines.
Server has almost 900 Mb of available RAM.
Labtop has only 650 Mb.


> Uwe