Subject Re: Is "Embedded Server" is supported in Linux?
Author kartinku
Dear Members,

I have tested using jaybird. I was able to get multiple connection
through "FBWarppingdatasource" for local DB access in linux using

Requirement : My requirement is to connect to database in loca
machine directly without server. And to get multiple connection in
that process. But each thread will have unique connection. And
connection will not be shared between threads. so I decided to use
embedded server.

Below are my doubts related to embedded support in linux .

Q1: If "" is conceptually close to "fbembed.dll" in
windows. Do I use it for my purpose as detailed in the "requirement"?
Q2 : Why there is no separate SS architecture based embedded build
for linux like "fbembed.dll"in windows?
Q3: Is classic server installation can used as embed server in linux?

Please do clarify me in above things. It will help me in designing my
java application for Linux

--- In, Nando Dessena <nandod@d...>
> Hello,
> k> In this thread you told that "" is conceptually
> k> equivalent to windows embedded server.
> she didn't say it's equivalent. She said:
> >> writing local apps for Classic Server on Linux using the
> >> "direct-connect" client is pretty close,
> >> conceptually, to the embedded server that has been implemented in
> >> Win32.
> I wouldn't expect to be able to open multiple
> connections to the same database, but I've no direct experience with
> it so I'll just shut up.
> Ciao
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