Subject Re: GBak. Memory use
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> First, I suspect that you are running in a basic problem of the write
> I/O performance for a RAID configuration. It is ALWAYS slower than IDE.
> RAID 5 is optimized for read performance, not write. Writing requires
> that the data be written to multiple drives. As I indicated in my last
> posting, this performance hit is even worse for RAID controller without
> battery backup cache.

This I new.
But making a difference from some 20+ minuttes on a labtop to some 90+
minuttes on a server ?
This seems out of order in my opinion.....

> Second, review the FBConfig MaxSortMemory (?) setting, you should make
> it larger (512 MB for a dedicated server)

What does this parameter do ?
Will it help me, when making a restore ?