Subject RE: [firebird-support] GBak. Memory use
Author Leyne, Sean

> When restoring, I never comes below 300 - 400 Mbs of physical memory
> available.

What FB version you running?

There was a reported problem in restoring databases with a large number
of inter-related SP which operate on a large number of tables.

I can report that GBak under v2.0 runs much faster than 1.x for both
backup and restore.

> The server is running Windows 2000 server with a RAID system.
> I can restore this DB on the labtop within 30 minuts.
> On the server it takes between 60 and 90 minutes!
> It really slows down, when creating all the index.....

You are aware that RAID is often not faster than IDE?

RAID ensures reliability in the case of drive failure, but may sacrifice
pure I/O performance to ensure that data is written correctly to all
disks in RAID set. A good RAID controller **with Battery Backup** helps
a lot -- by allowing for the use of 'write-through' operations.

Further, is your disk defragmented on a regular basis, under Windows
this makes a big difference. Also, do you have the temporary sort files
(used by the index rebuilder) sorted on a different drive from the DB?