Subject Re: GBak. Memory use
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
--- In, "GrumpyRain" <s3057043@y...>
> I can't give an explanation as to the cause of that having never
> experienced it myself, except maybe the server is busy with other
> tasks and your laptop would be pretty much dedicated for that time.
The server is doing nothing !
I have stopped all jobs from running.
I sitting here, and watching it.
No one is in the house besides me.
SO I know, that the server is doing nothing.

Besides - Its not the first server I experience this with.
Here we have 3 diff. servers runing FB, all of them does it.

At a customers site, it does it as well.

> I don't think I would do a restore on a live server anyway. Restore it
> on another machine and copy it across.

Usually I do this, but tonight I am here by myself, so.....