Subject Re: GBak. Memory use
Author GrumpyRain
I can't give an explanation as to the cause of that having never
experienced it myself, except maybe the server is busy with other
tasks and your laptop would be pretty much dedicated for that time.

I don't think I would do a restore on a live server anyway. Restore it
on another machine and copy it across.

--- In, "Michael Vilhelmsen"
<Michael.Vilhelmsen@M...> wrote:
> chael
> >
> > you've confused me now - you say the server has 10k of memory? and
> you're
> > wondering why it slows down?
> > Alan
> I can tell why it slows down.
> What bothers me is, that doing the exact same on my labtop, doesn't
> make it slow down.
> The labtop always has some 300 - 400 Mb of RAM available.
> The server has 10 K available.
> Same FB, same "restore" file, etc.
> Only diff. is, that the server is much faster than my labtop
> (according to hardware).
> Michael