Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebirds IB Desktop equivalent
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:04 PM 17/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>I'm looking at moving my existing application to Firebird. We are
>using a windows platform. I have installed the Firebird superserver
>and on a client I have installed the client only. But what I'm
>looking for is the IB Desktop version of Firebird.
>I need to have one database program run locally on a desktop computer,
>while another program will remotely connect to a database on the
>superserver. However this desktop will not need for other users to
>remotely connect to it.
>Does firebird offer a similar desktop application like IB?

IB's "Desktop version" is just a Server that is limited by licensing
restrictions. Firebird doesn't have any licensing restrictions. To
imitate that model, all you need is to install your server of choice. With
Firebird, you have two options: Classic server or Superserver. Subject to
machine resource limits, you can connect from as many clients as you like.

On Win32, Firebird also offers the "Embedded server". model. This is a
single DLL consisting of both the client library and the Superserver. It
is designed for one local user to connect one or more databases on the
local machine. Each database connected to by an embedded server is locked
exclusively. (There are also some security exposures with this model...)

Therefore, while an "embedded server" client is connected to a database, no
other clients can connect to that database.

So your options here are many. If each of the two applications connects to
a different database, you could run both of your applications as embedded
server apps, each accessing its own copy of fbembed.dll in its own
application directory; or you could install a Classic or Supersever on the
machine and let each application connect through the regular client. Or
you could mix it, so that a Classic or Superserver was available for one
application, while the other used the embedded server.

There are more possibilities in the mix. From the same machine, a user
could be working with a local database using the embedded server and,
simultaneously, connecting from the same application (and client library)
to a database on a remote server.

Just give it a try! It doesn't cost anything....