Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebirds IB Desktop equivalent
Author Simon Carter
> Do you know what the simulateous user connections are limited
> on the embedded local and on the superserver? One of our
> main reasons we are considering Firebird was to help decrease
> the cost of purchasing simultaneous user liceneses from IB.

Not sure about the embedded version as ive never used it, as for Superserver
you can support hundreds of concurrent users, the biggest restriction will
be the hardware (RAM etc). As for cost; If you use FB instead of IB you are
guaranteed to save approx 100% on user licensing costs as FB does not employ
any licensing model that restricts the number of concurrent connections like
IB does.

There are some differences between the two that you will need to be aware of
if you are developing on FB and deploying on Interbase, these differences
are mainly down to a few differences in SQL. Also it might be worthwhile
glancing at FB's Fact sheet


Si Carter
TECT Software Ltd