Subject Re: Firebirds IB Desktop equivalent
Author hwhir
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> > I'm looking at moving my existing application to Firebird.
> > We are using a windows platform. I have installed the
> > Firebird superserver and on a client I have installed the
> > client only. But what I'm looking for is the IB Desktop
> > version of Firebird.
> >
> > I need to have one database program run locally on a desktop
> > computer, while another program will remotely connect to a
> > database on the superserver. However this desktop will not
> > need for other users to remotely connect to it.
> >
> > Does firebird offer a similar desktop application like IB?
> There is no real equivalent to the desktop edition of IB, the desktop
> edition is the same as Superserver but restricted to localhost with
only a
> few simultaneous users (or there abouts), you can simply install FB
on your
> development pc. If you want to ensure no other computers on your
> can access FB on your pc, you can either block port 3050 at the
firewall or
> lock FB to localhost ( using firebird.conf. Alternatively you
> could look at using the embedded version of FB on your dev pc.
> Rgds
> Si Carter
> TECT Software Ltd
Do you know what the simulateous user connections are limited on the
embedded local and on the superserver? One of our main reasons we are
considering Firebird was to help decrease the cost of purchasing
simultaneous user liceneses from IB.