Subject Server Error?
Author ra8009
I have two Windows XP computers. My Firebird server (SuperServer
1.5.1) is running on a machine with XP Pro and I have a client running
XP home. The two are connected via TCP/IP and each machine has plenty
of memory and space.

When I first setup this arrangement, I believe everything worked fine.
When running client applicaitons on the server machine, I still have
no problems. However, when I run applicaitons from the client machine,
strange things happen.

Although the applicaiton on the client machine attempts to start and
seems to find the database, the application never reveals itself. When
I ran a debug I found that when "open" connection is called the
application seems to stop. ALSO - all other applications - even ones
running on the server also lose their ability to connect.

When I check the service it appears to be running, but when I try to
stop it, the "stop" times out and never finishes. The only way that
I've found to fix the problem is to reinstall Firebird.

What might be causing this?