Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: TcpRemoteBufferSize
> unfortunately i would say no. I think the only way is using a own
> replication in combination with a App-Server. If you must only
> replicate to one direction (e.g. from Server to the client) then it's
> not to hard to do. As App-Server you can also use MIDAS from Borland
> or DCOM from M$. We maked seperate Tests about the speed between the
> seperate technologies and for us with the following results using a
> mobile phone with a max. speed of 9600 b/s:
> CORBA was the slowest followed by MIDAS which is much more faster and
> nearly the same as the fastest one which is DCOM, if you use the COM-
> Technology for the MIDAS Object. ASTA-Technologie works directly with
> sockets without the "i'm a life" messages which will be send
> typically from objects and its therefore the fastest one. Please,
> this comparison was only done for the speed not for load balancing
> availability, security, platform independence etc. Therefore there
> are some reasons for the users to use CORBA or DCOM in conjunction
> with MTS etc.

Have you tested Data Abstract from RemObjects (