Subject Firebird UDF Compilation environoments on Windows and Linux.
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

Till date we are using FreeUDFLib C Code UDF on Linux
and FreeUDFLib.Pas its Delphi Port on Windows.

Since Now FB has improved a Lot since FreeUDFLib has been
written. We are planning to revamp FreeUDFLib code
(As Our Contribution Towards FB Community) to Something
which will share common Source but compile on both
Windows and Linux (e.g. Pascal/C++ ).

Can somebody suggest Platforms on Windows and Linux
which has source level Maximum Compatibility.

If there are any Free ware/Open source compilers available
then it would be better since Community can use them
widely with FB.

Similarly existing users of FreeUDFLibC need any
additional Functions or would like to Fix some bugs
can also post their requirements.

If FB development Team has taken any such UDF project
then I can Join them else Pl mail me what shall I do to register
such project and I am ready to work as Project Co-Ordinator.

Thanks and Best Regards.

R. S. Patil