Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird UDF Compilation environoments on Windows and Linux.
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
R. S. Patil wrote:

>Dear Friends,
>Till date we are using FreeUDFLib C Code UDF on Linux
>and FreeUDFLib.Pas its Delphi Port on Windows.
>Since Now FB has improved a Lot since FreeUDFLib has been
>written. We are planning to revamp FreeUDFLib code
>(As Our Contribution Towards FB Community) to Something
>which will share common Source but compile on both
>Windows and Linux (e.g. Pascal/C++ ).
>Can somebody suggest Platforms on Windows and Linux
>which has source level Maximum Compatibility.
>If there are any Free ware/Open source compilers available
>then it would be better since Community can use them
>widely with FB.
>Similarly existing users of FreeUDFLibC need any
>additional Functions or would like to Fix some bugs
>can also post their requirements.
>If FB development Team has taken any such UDF project
>then I can Join them else Pl mail me what shall I do to register
>such project and I am ready to work as Project Co-Ordinator.
>Thanks and Best Regards.
>R. S. Patil
I think the best choice for OS projects is GNU C compiler and FreePascal
(in this order).

The FB developers will say to you stick with C/C++, If I could vote for,
I suggest FreePascal, since I can code in Pascal but not on C ;-)

I think if you have such desire, you could ask on fb-devel, since there
are plans to integrate a lot of functions into FB (see FB 2.0 Roadmap).

And take a look on the other UDF libs.

I think you should know, but just in the case....

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda.
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil