Subject Re: database is in use
Author matthew_2112
Thanks again Helen. We're actually issueing the SQL commands through
IBConsole against firebird 1.0

It seems an issue with the particular DB. As I said it is 2.3 gig and
we have not replicated the error on other DBs (same or almost same
meta-data) we've tried which are all smaller the largest of the
others being around 1 gig.

We actually had the command complete successfully on one occasion. We
had renamed the gdb file and tried the command when the secondary
file already existed and got an error saying it already existed,
removed it ran again and it worked. But we haven't been able to do
that again.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 03:08 AM 22/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >The email below is on the same subject as I emailed yesterday or
> >day before. Thanks to the respondees on that one.
> And I realise that the response I provided wasn't the right one for
> symptom, since you are using InterBase, right?
> There's not enough information...but my guess is you are using a
> third-party tool to try to do this. It's often the case with these
> utilities you've been using still have transactions open - hence
> "database in use" error, even though you think you have exclusive
> access. You actually need to be in a transaction that has
> access. That means working alone in a shutdown database.
> Close down any apps, third-party tools, etc. and use the command-
line tools.
> Begin with gfix and do a database shutdown. If no users are
online, you
> can use the -force option; otherwise, RTM. OpsGuide.
> gfix -shut D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.fdb -force 10 -u
> -password yourpass
> isql -user sysdba -password yourpass
> > connect 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.fdb';
> > set auto on;
> > Alter Database Add
File 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.001'
> Length 2097152;
> > exit;
> Depending on the Windows platform, you might have to ensure that
> logged in as Administrator, in order to have the f/s permissions be
able to
> actually create the new file.
> ./heLen