Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: database is in use
Author Aage Johansen
matthew_2112 wrote:
> Thanks again Helen. We're actually issueing the SQL commands through
> IBConsole against firebird 1.0
> It seems an issue with the particular DB. As I said it is 2.3 gig and
> we have not replicated the error on other DBs (same or almost same
> meta-data) we've tried which are all smaller the largest of the
> others being around 1 gig.
> We actually had the command complete successfully on one occasion. We
> had renamed the gdb file and tried the command when the secondary
> file already existed and got an error saying it already existed,
> removed it ran again and it worked. But we haven't been able to do
> that again.

If I understand you correctly:
Renaming multi-file databases is not for the faint of heart...
The only thing 'rename' would be good for is that you'll know the file
isn't open (at that point). Rename back to the original name before doing
anything with it.

Aage J.