Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: database is in use
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:08 AM 22/10/2004 +0000, you wrote:

>The email below is on the same subject as I emailed yesterday or the
>day before. Thanks to the respondees on that one.

And I realise that the response I provided wasn't the right one for the
symptom, since you are using InterBase, right?

There's not enough information...but my guess is you are using a
third-party tool to try to do this. It's often the case with these that
utilities you've been using still have transactions open - hence the
"database in use" error, even though you think you have exclusive
access. You actually need to be in a transaction that has exclusive
access. That means working alone in a shutdown database.

Close down any apps, third-party tools, etc. and use the command-line tools.

Begin with gfix and do a database shutdown. If no users are online, you
can use the -force option; otherwise, RTM. OpsGuide.

gfix -shut D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.fdb -force 10 -u sysdba
-password yourpass

isql -user sysdba -password yourpass
> connect 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.fdb';
> set auto on;
> Alter Database Add File 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.001'
Length 2097152;
> exit;

Depending on the Windows platform, you might have to ensure that you're
logged in as Administrator, in order to have the f/s permissions be able to
actually create the new file.