Subject Re: database is in use
Author matthew_2112
The email below is on the same subject as I emailed yesterday or the
day before. Thanks to the respondees on that one.

Duncan has forgotten to mention the database the command is against
is 2.3 gig.


--- In, "innoy1k" <duncan.chen@t...>
> Hi there,
> when I ran this SQL statement through Interbase SQL :
> Alter Database Add
File 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.001'
> Length 2097152
> I have got the following error:
> Unsuccessful metadata update
> lock time-out on wait transaction
> object D:\LPDOMAIN\LANDPA~1\DBSQL\LANDPA~1.GDB is in use
> Statement: Alter Database Add
> File 'D:\LPDomain\LandpakSQL\dbSQL\landpakfb.001' Length 2097152
> I am pretty sure that I am the sole user of this database, other
> Interbase, there is no other applications is using the database.
> help please?
> If I do need to have exclusive database access, is there a
> that I can run?
> thanks in advance,
> Duncan Chen