Subject Stored Procedures Memory Usage
Author jssahdra
Guys I am trying desparately to get some feedback from the
development team of firebird. Somehow Yahoogroups was not opening in
India for some days. I had no other option but to post my message at
all places where possible. I have posted this in the firebird Bug
List also, but nobody has responded till now.

This is an extension to my previus post "Firebird 1.51.
sucking all memory" in firebird-support list on yahoogroups.

I am using stored procedures extensibly in my
application. There is a part
in my application (written in C using EMBEDDED SQL)
which executes on an
average 250 update/insert queries. Earlier all these
updates and inserts
were done through Stored Procedures. I was monitoring
the memory usage using
'top' command. Memory usage used to increase by 3MB
every 5 minutes, so in a
fiew hours it used to reach 300MB and then crashing all
my applications.

Now I have removed all insert and update statements
from the stored
procedures and put them into my application. AND there
was amazing
difference in memory increase. In 37 Hours, it reached
only 57MB. I am still
using stored procedures to query the database but not
any updates/inserts.

This application is a server based application where it
should be running
for months without any manual intervention. I can not
afford to have even
57MB increase. Major portion of the application is still
using stored
procedures (doing inserts/updates), but it is very less
used. So can
somebody from the development team comment on my
following queries.

1. Is it a known problem ? If not then should I post it to
the bug list ?

2. Are there any planned future releases, where this
problem is solved ?
Guys I will appriciate, if you can answere this question.
Becuase I chose
firebird only because of it having stored
procedures/views/speed etc over
MySQL. I can not afford to have these problems in the
database. I would
rather spend more time porting my application to some
other database, than
continuing with these problems. My exeperience with
MySQL and Postgres is
very good. I never faced such problems with them. I
was expecting the same
stability from the firebird also.

3. Are there any short term workaround for this problem ?

4. Should I try using the Classic Server instead ?

If required, i can post my test db and related files.


Joga Singh