Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird help
Author Paul Beach
> I saw tools at and but I'd like a help file
> with all SQL commands and syntaxis and samples for using them. Do you know
> where can I find this?
> I'm new in this list and I'm seeing problems about query optimization. Is
> there a document called "best practices for query optimization" or something
> like that?.

Other than publically available documentation on various web sites, including

You could invest in a copy of the IBPhoenix developer CD it has
A Firebird Reference Guide, and using Firebird manuals, you can use these
along with the latest release notes. We also have on the CD a document
entitled Understanding the Firebird Optimiser, that you may find useful along
with a number of other advanced documents. Finally you could laways buy a copy
of Helens book.... thats the most upto date source of info.