Subject RE: [firebird-support] Stored Procedures Memory Usage
Author Alan McDonald
> Guys I am trying desparately to get some feedback from the
> development team of firebird. Somehow Yahoogroups was not opening in
> India for some days. I had no other option but to post my message at
> all places where possible. I have posted this in the firebird Bug
> List also, but nobody has responded till now.
> This is an extension to my previus post "Firebird 1.51.
> sucking all memory" in firebird-support list on yahoogroups.
> I am using stored procedures extensibly in my
> application. There is a part
> in my application (written in C using EMBEDDED SQL)
> which executes on an
> average 250 update/insert queries. Earlier all these
> updates and inserts
> were done through Stored Procedures. I was monitoring
> the memory usage using
> 'top' command. Memory usage used to increase by 3MB
> every 5 minutes, so in a
> fiew hours it used to reach 300MB and then crashing all
> my applications.

Seems that you have only recently started using Firebird so I'll risk some
dumb questions.
Are you hard commiting these updates/inserts at regular intervals.
When other people have asked this sort of question they have not realised
that hard committing is the best way to keep this sort of memory useage
down. Soft commits maintain the transaction context so it ends up asking a
lot of the server to do this.