Subject Re: Setting up TCP Port for FB (little confused)
Author David Montgomery
--- In, "abedna2000" <bluehorse@d...>
> Hi everybody,
> I wish to setup FB1.5 to listen on another port than 3050 in order
> to make it run with Interbase on one Windows based server at the
> end. I also searched this forum, coz I believe this must have been
> discussed already, but probably choose the wrong keywords...
> I'm quite a newbie and just a little confused, so if you could help
> me please...:

Hi Andreas,

For a Windows client machine that is not also the server, simply
add/edit the line in your services file for gds_db. As far as I can
tell, the client library checks this before every connection attempt.

For a Windows server, I would recommend to uncomment only the line
"RemoteServiceName gds_db" in your firebird.conf file (leave the
"RemoteServicePort" setting commented), and edit your gds_db entry in
the services file to the appropriate port. Restart the Firebird
service, and Firebird will be listening on the new port.

Of course, if you intend to have client applications that connect to
both an IB and FB servers on different port numbers from the same
Windows client machine, you're going to need to do some fancy
sleight-of-hand to make it work...

Best Regards,

David Montgomery