Subject Spatial extensions
Author Nigel Weeks
A while ago someone asked if spatial extensions would be a good idea in

I suddeny have a need for them...I think.

Consider a table of polygons:
create table poly(
int_poly NUMERIC(18,0) NOT NULL,
int_x1 NUMERIC(3,10),
int_y1 NUMERIC(3,10),
int_x2 NUMERIC(3,10),
int_y2 NUMERIC(3,10),
int_order INTEGER,
PRIMARY KEY(int_poly)

Is it possible to use arrays in Firebird for storing the x,y pairs?
i.e. declare a domain called 'point', that has two numeric(3,10)'s in it?

Then there's functions to find:
all polygons in a view range
if a point is inside a polygon
which is the nearest polygon/line/point.

Any pointers in this stuff?


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