Subject Re: Setting up TCP Port for FB (little confused)
Author abedna2000
Hi David!

> > I wish to setup FB1.5 to listen on another port than 3050 in
> > to make it run with Interbase on one Windows based server at the
> > end.

> For a Windows client machine that is not also the server, simply
> add/edit the line in your services file for gds_db.
> For a Windows server, I would recommend to uncomment only the line
> "RemoteServiceName gds_db" in your firebird.conf file (leave the
> "RemoteServicePort" setting commented), and edit your gds_db entry
> the services file to the appropriate port. Restart the Firebird
> service, and Firebird will be listening on the new port.

I made some progress from yesterday and believe I'm going to
understand the problem :-)

What you say is probably necessary if I have applications that do
not explicitly specify the port number in connection string, am I
right? For my purposes it works so, that setting RemoteServicePort
in firebird.conf to e.g. 3051 makes the FB to listen on port 3051
already. ('netstat -a' doesn't display the default 'gds_db' name and
shows '3051' instead). That's better for me, because I don't need to
modify somewhat manually, just distribute my application with FB
where the firebird.conf is modified to suit my purposes...

> Of course, if you intend to have client applications that connect
> both an IB and FB servers on different port numbers from the same
> Windows client machine, you're going to need to do some fancy
> sleight-of-hand to make it work...

Why? When specifying the port/service name in connection string it
should work fine or not? Like 3050 for IB, 3051 for FB (modified

Or add an entry to 'services' file like:

fbs_db 3051/tcp

and set in firebird.conf

RemoteServiceName fbs_db

Then for example:
'localhost/gds_db:c:\mydb1.gdb' connects to InterBase
'localhost/fbs_db:c:\mydb2.fdb' connects to Firebird

Am I right? But yes, this is a little bit hand work.
And what is always the debate around running IB/FB on the same
machine? For me both databases are installed and working... with
default settings for them, IB6.5 takes precedence over FB1.5
somehow, but stopping IB, FB takes the lead without any obvious

O.k., thanks for help
Best regards