Subject Setting up TCP Port for FB (little confused)
Author abedna2000
Hi everybody,

I wish to setup FB1.5 to listen on another port than 3050 in order
to make it run with Interbase on one Windows based server at the
end. I also searched this forum, coz I believe this must have been
discussed already, but probably choose the wrong keywords...

I'm quite a newbie and just a little confused, so if you could help
me please...:

1. frebird.conf
RemoteServiceName gds_db
RemoteServicePort 3050

I believe I understand what the Releasenotes.pdf say, so I change
RemoteServicePort to 3051 and that should make FB to listen on port
3051 after the service is reinstalled...?

2. '<WINDIR>\system32\drivers\etc\services' file contains an entry
gds_db 3050/tcp

How did it appear there? Again the Releasenotes.pdf say:

"The RemoteServiceName is checked first for a matching entry in
the services file. If there is a match, the port number configured
for RemoteServicePort is used. If there is not a match, then the
installation default, port 3050, is used."

O.K. How can I be sure the 'gds_db' entry is found there? If I get
it right, the RemoteServicePort settings override the port number in
this file, so this file needs not to be changed, but if the entry
isn't found, 3050 is used again regardless of RemoteServicePort
value. This confuses me a little, why its so and how can I assure FB
to listen on a specific port...?

(When I run 'netstat -a' there is currently no 3050 port shown, just
the 'gds_db' service name among other ports/service names. I also
have problems to connect with IBObjects specifying the port number,
I have to specify 'gds_db' - don't know yet, where the problem is).

3. Releasenotes.pdf again say:
"NOTE If a port number is provided in the TCP/IP connection string,
it will always take precedence over RemoteServicePort"

Does that mean that the fbclient.dll library looks into
firebird.conf to get the port number? Then it means I don't have to
specify the port in the connection string even after FB is
configured to listen on 3051...?

Sorry for long boring post, I hope you can guide me a bit.

Thanks a lot

Andreas Bednarek