Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird, power within complexities
Author Bisma Jayadi
Hehehehe... seneng sekali ketemu teman Indonesia disini. Saya gak tau kalo Mpu
juga ikutan milis ini. Nice to see you here. :)

> I'm also using Linux (and other s/w) too, but many things come from
> experience, sometime not explained in manuals / docs. If you want
> learn alot, totally switch and follow environment we are in. Other
> knowledge or situation could be adapted, but don't expect everything
> work as expected. Spt kata pepatah, di mana kita berdiri di situ
> langit dijunjung. :-)

Yup... I definitely agree with you. But software isn't a destiny which we have
to accept whatever comes to us. Software is a choice, you find it useful and you
like it, you use it. Otherwise, you may choose other available options. Just as
simple as that.

Common user picks a software to use, not to be learned. So, if a software want
to be used widely, then the developer must make it attractive enough in order
the user choose it. I consider Firebird as the software, and database developer
as the user. :)



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