Subject Firebird, power within complexities
Author Bisma Jayadi
Hi all,

After digging the docs, read this mailist archive, and my private experiments...
I come to a conclusion that: Firebird is a great powerful database engine but
it's encapsulated within its own complexities. Some tasks that can be done
easily in other database engines, requires more work when it comes to Firebird,
regardless Firebird has better performance in the final result. Confusing check
constraint, complex date/time management, non-index based query performance,
unique-ID generator procedure, etc... just to mention some common
problems/confusions are faced by the users.

I do hope this become important note to the Firebird developers for the next
version release. If we learn from Linux, we see that performance is not *the
only* thing users care about. Ease of use, complete docs and help, work
efficiency, and some others are also as important as performance. A user after
having problem with generators, said this in this forum:

> Thanks for you help, im seriously thinking in use another engine.
> Is a amazing amount of work (one index, three triggers, and who
> know what more) for do some must be so simple.

I think it's a bad remark for Firebird. I'd be very glad if my conclusion is
wrong. BTW, I like Firebird and do hope Firebird will be as popular as mySQL.



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