Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird, power within complexities
Author Mpu Gondrong
Senin, 04/10/2004 11:57:10, Bisma menulis:

BJ> If we learn from Linux, we see that performance is not *the only*
BJ> thing users care about. Ease of use, complete docs and help, work
BJ> efficiency, and some others are also as important as performance.

I'm also using Linux (and other s/w) too, but many things come from
experience, sometime not explained in manuals / docs. If you want
learn alot, totally switch and follow environment we are in. Other
knowledge or situation could be adapted, but don't expect everything
work as expected. Spt kata pepatah, di mana kita berdiri di situ
langit dijunjung. :-)

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