Subject Re: Re[2]: [firebird-support] date function
Author Bisma Jayadi
> I believe this error comes from Delphi component. Have you tried it in
> isql or other IB/FB GUI tools?

I've tried it with IBExpert, it failed too. Surprisingly, it worked fine in
IBConsole. I never suspect this comes from the Delphi component, since other
queries run pretty well.

> I think you have to learn alot before make a comment. ;)

I'm sorry for my premature judgement. Yup... I know I need to learn a lot more,
that's the main reason why I join this community. I had successfully migrate a
huge database from DB2 to Firebird (1.5), as well as the client application
using the database. The only thing stuck me in is the date/time manipulation in
Firebird, which push me to convert query based code to Delphi code.

Everybody has *right* to make any comments upon anything as long as he does it
in a mannered way. No need to be an expert first to make a comment. I don't know
if this community has rule that only the experts have right to make comments. If
it does, then again I apologize for my amatuer and premature comment. If you
find other's opinion wrong, and you know the truth, then simply correct it.
Unless, you don't want to.

> Yes.

Hmmm... well then. Though it's not a hard think to do, I think it'd make the
users happier if the default udf is registered automatically in every database.
Anyway, thanks for the help, I do really apreciate it. :)



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