Subject date function
Author Bisma Jayadi
Hi all,

I used to be an IBM DB2 user, for some good reasons I decide to move to
Firebird. I'm new to Firebird, and having intensive study upon it currently. I
have some problems around date/time management.

1. In DB2, to get current date, simply use this query:
values current date
How to do this in Firebird?

2. In DB2, to do addition/subtraction on date, simply use:
values current date + 1 days
values current date - 1 months
This operation is also accepted in delete, update, and insert query.
How to do this in Firebird?

3. In DB2, to include current date info in a select query, simply use:
select current date, field_name from table_name
How to do this in Firebird?

Thank you inadvance.



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