Author miguito1972
I need run different options/proccess in the same executable with
diferent priority. Launch one option and continue working with other
options of application. But ibserver is working at 100 percent and
not return the control to application or do it slowly. I'm working
with only sqlConnection for each executable

I work with Firebird 1.0.3, and the application run in
I have to import files and this process continue about an hour,
updating and inserting between 20000 and 100000 records in database.
Then if an user want do another thing while process is running, the
server do not replay imediately, take many time.
I thought do an external executable, but the interbase server
also is saturated.

Is it possible run a option of my application in background and
others no? Threads? Change priority?
Any document?

Thanks in advance