Subject Re: Low priority insert/update (was: )
Author Svein Erling
Hi Miguito!

Unfortunately I do not think it is possible to tell Firebird that
certain operations should have low priority. However, if it takes one
hour to update and insert 100000 records, then that may indicate that
something could be improved. It is possible to insert several thousand
records per second, though lots of things may reduce the possible
speed (if your 100000 records contained high-quality images and you
had to transfer the images to Firebird over a slow telephone line,
then even ten hours for 100000 records could be impossible).

So, my recommendation would be to change your program to use a DSQL
for inserting/updating, prepare it once, loop through your records and
commit for every 10000 inserts or so. Also, please check that you do
not have any indexes defined with lots of duplicate entries.

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--- In, "miguito1972" wrote:
> I need run different options/proccess in the same executable with
> diferent priority. Launch one option and continue working with other
> options of application. But ibserver is working at 100 percent and
> not return the control to application or do it slowly. I'm working
> with only sqlConnection for each executable
> I work with Firebird 1.0.3, and the application run in 98/2000/XP.
> I have to import files and this process continue about an hour,
> updating and inserting between 20000 and 100000 records in database.
> Then if an user want do another thing while process is running, the
> server does not reply imediately, take many time.
> I thought do an external executable, but the interbase server
> also is saturated.
> Is it possible run a option of my application in background and
> others no? Threads? Change priority?
> Any document?