Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Interbase 6.X vs Firebird on Server 2003
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> > > > Slow connections on Windows 2003 with IB < 7.1 and FB < 1.5
> > > > is a known issue.
> > >
> > > This is true, but the connections aren't _that_ slow. The code used
> > > to have a built in one second delay.
> >
> > No, on Windows 2003 it is another issue.
> >
> I'd like to know what it is. I have a small application that tests
> connection times and I can set up 500 remote database connections to Fb
> 1.5 on a Win2k3 server in less than 10 seconds. Local connections are
> even faster.
> There is obviously a problem (or several problems) because there are
> intermittent reports, but so far I've failed to reproduce them.

Following firebird-devel and the Borland newsgroups (it is an
issue for InterBase < 7.1 as well), it seems to be an OS kernel
change regarding synchronization and/or the Mutex/Event/Semaphore
logic. Hope I quoted that right, because I'm a rookie in that
area. ;-)

I found one entry in the ChangeLog that might be directly related
to that:

2003-02-12 23:57 arnobrinkman

* firebird2/src/jrd/: cch.cpp, jrd.h, vio.cpp:

Stripped implementation of events used by garbage_collection() &
cache_writer() procedures. This will fix known delay with
connecting/disconnect on at least WinXP. Also are the
connecting/disconnecting delays while debugging in MSVC6 gone.

I'm sure Dmitry, Nickolay, Arno, ... can be more of help here.