Subject Interbase 6.X vs Firebird on Server 2003
Author junoesque00
I was using Interbase before this on server NT & the client
Win98. However, i've move to another machine, running on Server 2003
(but client still remain win98).
I have this problem, where at first, i can't open the connection
(problem same as Doug Pomerenke). However I manage to solve this.
But now, the problem is that the connection takes too long time for
me to connect (~40 seconds just to open 1 connection). I must solve
this problem.
I was told to use Interbase 7.1, however it's not in my planning
(money matter). Therefore, I would like to know (from anyone)
whoever has ever use either Interbase 6.X or Firebird running on
Server 2003 is able to solve the problem (time connection).
If I were to change to Firebird instead of using Interbase, will i
be able to solve the problem?

I would very appreciate whoever can give me some idea or suggestion.

Thank you.