Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Interbase 6.X vs Firebird on Server 2003
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi there,

> from our experience... under 2003 you have two problems.
> 1. xxx.gdb file is slow which is why FB1.5 renames the file. No one
> has explained why. I suspect the usual MS "windows isnt done until
> lotus doesnt run" syndrome. Just renaming your dbs file does no good
> because the isc4.gdb is still a gdb. So you have to use FB1.5 or the
> latest IB.

This is an issue under Windows XP, but not with Windows 2003,
because Windows 2003 doesn't come with the System Restore Feature,
though there is another one called "Volume Shadown Copy Service
(VSS)". This is a different beast than the System Restore Feature,
but might influence IB/FB's behaviour negatively as well.

You will get plenty of links about VSS via Google. For example:

> 2. 2003 classifies IOB/FB as an app even when it runs as a service. If
> you configure the server to optimise for applications, you will see an
> enormous boost.

I've tried that in the past, but disconnect was still soooooo slow,
even with the above VSS feature disabled for all partitions of my
HDD. And changing such an OS wide setting might influence other
applications as well (dunno what applications), so I moved back
to the initial setting and installed FB 1.5.

Thomas Steinmaurer

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