Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Is Firebird a hoax?
Author Martijn Tonies

> > If you mean by "hot backup", one which is carried out while other
> > connections are underway, then that is the only real way to back up
> a
> > firebird db. GBAK backs up using the server and is done under normal
> > transaction control. Do not backup the db using the OS copy command
> unless
> > you are positive that noone is connected to the db.
> >
> > Alan
> Yes, I ment a backup while datbase is online (other users have open
> connections and making transactions)
> However one thing is kind of a drawback if large and active databases
> are involved, here is excerpt from "Operations Guide"
> "...
> However, any data changes that
> clients commit to the database after the backup begins are not
> recorded in the backup
> file.
> ...
> "

Well, that's a GOOD thing. How would a backup be a backup of
a particular point in time, if changes happened AFTER the backup
has started would be recorded?

> Can anyone provide an idea how fast FB backup is done for a
> particular number of records or database size?

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