Subject Re: Is Firebird a hoax?
Author laimisnd
> If you mean by "hot backup", one which is carried out while other
> connections are underway, then that is the only real way to back up
> firebird db. GBAK backs up using the server and is done under normal
> transaction control. Do not backup the db using the OS copy command
> you are positive that noone is connected to the db.
> Alan

Yes, I ment a backup while datbase is online (other users have open
connections and making transactions)

However one thing is kind of a drawback if large and active databases
are involved, here is excerpt from "Operations Guide"

However, any data changes that
clients commit to the database after the backup begins are not
recorded in the backup

Can anyone provide an idea how fast FB backup is done for a
particular number of records or database size?