Subject Is Firebird a hoax?
Author chiaraprc
Hi all,
Some weeks ago a friend of mine told me about
Firebird, so I am testing it in my lab, I am reading
some "exiting" news on ibphoenix or on
but I am a little confused:

The only stable release of Firebird, (1.03) is pratically
inusable on newest PC's, HT is not supported, W2k3 is
not supported, latest XP are not supported, W2k SP4
are not supported, ODBC are inusable, i need to install
windows95 on my old Pentium to use Firebird???
I toke a look at Firebird 1.5
is it a real release?? the rc8 seem to introduce more bug
the any other previous relase since 1976: a serious
security bug, a computed fields bug, an installer bug,
the 1.5 are in this state since a year, (as stated in
developer ng) but all are "exiting" building FB2, is
Firebird a lab for gurus? or it is a product? Is Firebird
a choice today? or I need to search some thing more reliable?
When we can aspect a runnable Firebird? As in
"relational database for the new millenium" starting from 2000?

Best Regards

Chiara Percioli
Software Architect