Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Is Firebird a hoax?
Author Alan McDonald
> Yes, I ment a backup while datbase is online (other users have open
> connections and making transactions)
> However one thing is kind of a drawback if large and active databases
> are involved, here is excerpt from "Operations Guide"
> "...
> However, any data changes that
> clients commit to the database after the backup begins are not
> recorded in the backup
> file.
> ...
> "
> Can anyone provide an idea how fast FB backup is done for a
> particular number of records or database size?

Seriously, you need to think about what a backup really is. It's a snapshot
of your database at a certain time. You choose the time but no matter when
you do it, it will be out of date as far as data changes some time after you
start to backup (in any system of backing up - be it backup of databases or
just your Documents folder).

You should carry out some tests for yourself - I've never timed it but a
rough guess on my last manual backup of a 200Mb DB was about 15 minutes on
an old PC.