Subject Re: Interbase 6.X vs Firebird on Server 2003
Author junoesque00
--- In, "Paolo Fenelli"
<paolopf@l...> wrote:
> Hello Alexandre,
> i've the same problem. I'm using a D7+Interbase V6.0.2 app
> till now, on Win98, NT4, Win 200Pro with no problem.
> Few days ago i've installed on a XP Pro server and the connection
> slow down astonishing ( it takes ~30-40 secs to connect ).
> Well i've disabled windows restoring system, but nothing. I've
> the same on my laptop ( running XP home ) and it speeds up as in
> past.
> Any help appreciated.
> Paolo Fenelli

I've just installed Firebird 1.0.3 on my XP Home (stand-alone) PC.
My machine is a HT machine. I didn't disable the HT (in bios). But
it still solves my problem. Now, with Firebird installed, i can have
my HT enabled, and easily connect into my *.gdb in just a second.

However, i will still need to try on my main server (Server2003), HT
Will let u know the results again.